Where to Find Quality Transmissions in Ballantyne

The longer you’ve owned your transmission the easier it is to come to terms with the fact that you might never truly understand the complexity that is your car transmission. So trying to diagnose the issue with your transmission might prove to be impossible (for you) within and of it self. As a mechanical problem, issues with the transmission can mostly be heard. Because they take a lot of abuse over the years, they’re prone to run into some problems in the long run. The worst thing about it is that because just the word alone is terrifying to think about, you won’t exactly know how to even figure out the problem. So where can you find quality transmissions? Look no further than in Ballantyne if you’re in the Charlotte area of North Carolina.

To just get what the transmission does out of the way, this component is meant to shift your gears as quickly as you need to shift them. There are four key parts to your car’s transmission—the bell housing, the gears, the fluid, and the filter. The gears are absolutely necessary, as they are what turns and gets everything moving. The fluid is where all the magic happens, so make sure you know the color of the transmission fluid if you’re looking for a leak (for new cars, this happens to be red). The filter catches anything that shouldn’t be in the fluid so your car can run as smoothly as possible. Once you know what these parts are for, or at least have a vague idea about them, you’ll be able to keep up with the car mechanic and keep an eye out for possible overcharge.

So when trying to determine when you should get help with your transmission, as previously mentioned, you need to really keep an ear out for any strange whining, clunking, and humming as you drive or while you shift gears. If you’re uncertain about the sound, know this: it will definitely be a moment where you think to yourself and go, “I’ve never heard this sound from my car before.” When you find a leak, that’s a universal sign of needing transmission repair. The transmission fluid is incredibly important, and it cannot be stressed just how important it really is. It cleans, conditions, and lubricates the seal. Without the fluid the engine is going to start seizing up, and will eventually stop working completely. If your car is shaking while you drive, stay on the lookout for that too. Your ride is supposed to be smooth.

Of course, if your car smells like it’s burning, don’t dismiss it as something unimportant or temporary. An overheated transmission could very well mean the end of a transmission.

It’s important to be careful with your car and treat it like you would treat your body. You have to maintain it, with a healthy diet and regular checkups to make sure everything is fine and as it should be, as opposed to doing things it just shouldn’t do. Quality transmission repair can be found in Ballantyne. Check out their website at transmissionrepairballantyne.com for more info!

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