When to Hire a Pro for Immediate Transmission Help

Having serious transmission trouble can be scary for anyone, especially if it’s sudden. It seems as though transmission problems can happen at the worst possible time, and repairs are needed immediately. Most people would think the only time for immediate action would be once your transmission goes, possibly when driving. However, there are many signs leading up to this event that could warrant the immediate help of a pro.

This is when to hire a pro for immediate transmission help
If your transmission is making noise
If you notice your transmission making any noise that is uncommon, even if it is not often it is time to hire a pro. Any sounds that are uncommon signal that there could be a problem with the working parts of your transmission, either they are worn down or the fluid is low causing friction.

Letting this problem go on for an extended period of time can lead to further damage that will be extremely expensive to repair so contacting a pro for repairs immediately will ultimately save you time and money.
If you notice a burning smell
Always contact a pro immediately if you begin to notice a burning smell from your vehicle. Often times a burning smell could be due to low fluid. Low, or leaking fluids are generally an easy fix as long as you get the vehicle to a pro in a timely manner.
Your fluid is leaking
It is important to take notice of what goes on underneath your car because your fluid could be leaking without you even noticing. Being more hyper aware of your fluid can help you prevent any problems relating to low fluid in the future.

Your fluid is normally a reddish color with a sweet odor if this is what you find then there is simply a hole that needs to be repaired. However if your fluid is dark and smells like it is burning than you will need the fluid changed or flushed.
Your transmission goes while driving
This situation is what most people would think of when they think of getting immediate help. However, you never want your transmission to get to this stage because not only is it dangerous it will be the stage of repair that is the most expensive. If your transmission goes then it is definitely time to recruit in a pro for immediate transmission help.

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