What to Do If Your Transmission Goes While You’re Driving

The thought of a transmission “going out” while driving is a scary thought. Of course the situation should be prevented before it could even occur. If you are hearing strange noises, have difficulty changing gears, or smell something burning this is the right time to have your vehicle looked at by a trained professional in Ballantyne.

A car should not be taken on the road if it is experiencing transmission failure or problems because the problem will only become worse. In any case, sudden events can happen, and someone might be curious of what to do if your transmission goes while you’re driving.

Following a few tips when dealing with this type of vehicle failure can help you efficiently find safety.

Remain calm
Transmission failure can happen at whatever speed you are going at. If a transmission is going to go out it doesn’t care if you’re going 70 on a highway. It is important that if this happens and your gears lock up to remain calm and literally ride it out.

A vehicle with transmission problems might face problems accelerating so it is important to try to reduce or maintain the speed instead of trying to force acceleration.

Coast to safety
Once you are aware of what is happening to your car and have taken a deep breath it is extremely important to attempt to coast to safety out of other vehicle’s paths. If you find yourself on a highway put your hazards on to alert other drivers of your need for space.
It is important to find a safe place to rest your vehicle while waiting for help to arrive so that you do not further put yourself or your car in harm’s way. This task can be either easy or difficult depending on where your transmission goes out.

If you are in your driveway it is going to be far easier to find a safe place to sit. It could be the safest option to come up with an emergency plan if you are suspecting a transmission problem.

Call a tow truck
Once your car has been coasted to a safe area a tow truck should be called so that you may find a mechanic or a transmission specialist to help with your problem. Being that the transmission is one of the most important aspects of an operational car it might be expensive to rebuild or replace it. This might be an option to start fresh and possibly get a new vehicle. Depending on what your needs are, a transmission specialist will tell you the estimated cost to the rebuild or repair of your transmission.

The thought of your transmission going while you’re driving can be scary. A transmission is a very important part of the vehicle and problems within it will ultimately render your vehicle un-drivable. Trying to prevent this occurrence from happening by always taking time to listen to your car when shifting gears should always be a priority. In the event of this situation Twin Transmission has the highest volume of transmission repairs in the Carolinas. Twin Transmission and their experienced specialists will help save your transmission.

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