Transmission Rebuild

Preventing Some of the More Common Problems Relating to Transmissions

Because there are not enough conversations about potential problems pertaining to transmissions and how they can be avoided, many people continue driving when a problem exists. Obviously, this only makes things worse, sometimes to the point of the vehicle becoming completely inoperable.

By learning the basics, you can identify when a potential problem arises, whether minor or major. In either case, you want to trust any issue with the transmission to a reputable company, like Twin Transmission. For transmission rebuild and transmission repair in Ballantyne, NC, our mechanics are the best.

Being aware of a potential problem gives you the opportunity to take appropriate action. As a result, you will save a significant amount of money on repairs.

Pay attention to the ground on which you park your vehicle. Every week, look for any standing fluid or stains. While few people do this, it is an excellent way to identify a potential problem. In fact, this is often the first thing that people notice, indicating there might be an issue with the transmission.

In addition, have the transmission fluid changed more often than recommended by the manufacturer. By doing this, the gears will shift smoothly and your automobile will operate at peak performance. Unless the transmission fluid is changed frequently, a number of problems will develop. One is that the fluid will begin to burn. In addition, the fluid becomes old; therefore, it no longer provides optimal protection.

Keep in mind that while the manufacturer will suggest the appropriate timing for having the transmission fluid changed in your vehicle, just 65% of the fluid is actually drained. This is why you should have Twin Transmission change the fluid more frequently.

Never shift into park or reverse when your vehicle is in forward motion, since this can cause major damage. When this happens, the vehicle will lurch when you start to drive or the gears will grind. At that time, there is a good chance of completely ruining the transmission.

You also want to avoid forcing the gears to shift. Being in a hurry, people will force shifting from park to drive or reverse by not keeping one foot on the brake pedal. To avoid making this mistake, always apply pressure to the brake with one foot before shifting.

Although all vehicle makes and models experience transmission problems, they are more serious for certain automobiles. Regardless, by learning about common problems and how they can be avoided, your vehicle will drive correctly. If a problem does arise where you need a transmission rebuild or transmission repair in Ballantyne, NC, or some other type of work done, you can always trust Twin Transmission.

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