Questions to Ask Before Getting Transmission Overhaul

The transmission is the most crucial working part of any vehicle and once it goes you only have a small handful of options. You could either try to buy a new transmission, rebuild your current transmission, or simply buy another car. All of these options have pros and cons that should be weighed out before making a final decision.

Transmission overhaul, or rebuild, is when the specialist will keep the same main body of your transmission but replace smaller mechanisms in it with the newest parts available. Of course that all sounds well and good but the average person who does not know much about their transmission should have some questions before this work is done.

Questions to ask before getting a transmission overhaul
What’s the estimated cost?
Any type of transmission work is going to be expensive, but the cost of rebuild is going to be much less than buying an entirely new transmission or vehicle. If your vehicle is already on its way out then it might be a better option to call it quits and get yourself a new car. However, if you believe your car is worth saving than a transmission rebuild will not disappoint.

Once your transmission goes there’s no getting around the high costs of ordering new or rebuilding, but the cost of rebuilding will always be the most cost-effective option out of the three.
How long will it take?
Depending on the parts that need to be replaced your vehicle could be out of the shop in days. If you are looking to order a new transmission, the process could take much longer. The rebuild only focuses on the parts of your transmission that are severely damaged making the repair quicker and easier.
Is this the best option for my vehicle?
When your transmission goes and you’re looking for a quick and less expensive fix a rebuild is the best option. Getting an entirely new transmission could take time to get it ordered and shipped, then comes the task of integrating it into your vehicle. A rebuild will keep the main body of your transmission while repairing the vital parts, this will help avoid any other mishaps in the future.

The decision to get a transmission overhaul is one no one ever wants to make because it appears time consuming and expensive. However, compared to your other options an overhaul makes the most sense for most drivers and their vehicles.

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