Prolonging the Life of Your Clutch

Every component of a vehicle needs regular inspection and attention to ensure it is working at the best possible level. If you are like most car owners, though, you do not think of the specific steps you can take for individual components of your car, like the clutch. However, since these components can be expensive to repair, it is a good idea to get some experience in this area. The bottom line is: you need to use preventative maintenance to ensure your vehicle keeps working at the best possible level. It may be easier to do this than you realize, though.

What can you do to ensure your clutch continues to work the way it should? Here are some simple tips that can make all of the difference.

#1: Improve your driving habits

One of the most important things for those who operate a clutch vehicle is to operate it with care. A common question people ask is how to use the clutch. Is it best to let it out slowly or to drop it? Experts recommend taking things slow. If you do not have a lot of experience with it, it may be best to learn how to drive a clutch properly since wear and tear is most significant when poor driving habits occur.

#2: Have an inspection routinely

First, take out your owner’s manual and read the information on preventative maintenance. This will differ from one car to the next. What’s important to know in a clutch vehicle is that problems tend to build up due to poor attention to maintenance tasks. You can reduce these risk by simply having an inspection on a regular basis. Check out what’s happening with your car if you spot a problem, but even if there is no problem, have a professional provide a comprehensive inspection at least two times a year.

#3: Be careful with downshifting

When you are downshifting, you’ll notice a change in the way your vehicle feels. Think of downshifting like this. When you do this, which you should do very limitedly, you are taking all of the wear and tear that’s meant for the brakes and putting it onto the shoulders of your clutch. The problem is, this will wear the clutch down quickly and, whether you realize it or not at the time, clutches are much harder and more expensive to repair than your brakes and it is not meant to do this job very often.

Perhaps the most important way for you to keep your vehicle working its best is to get regular maintenance. Your clutch will need inspection whenever your vehicle’s brake system gets inspected, which should be about once time every six months. If you notice changes or problems, such as the clutch slipping or hard shifting, don’t ignore the problem. Visit to learn more about your options and to get your vehicle repaired quickly. This can help you to reduce the need for costly repairs.

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