Most Common Problems that Break Down Your Transmission

Transmissions are the most important working part of your vehicle, but many people do not even know what causes them to fail. If your transmission breaks down then so does your whole car. Many of these common problems can be caught early on if you take the time to look for the signs. Catching the signs of your transmission breaking down early can help avoid an expensive rebuild.

Here are the most common problems that break down your transmission.
Low Fluid
It is important to always be conscious of your fluid. Make sure to look where your car has been parked in order to see if your fluid is leaking. Low fluid can cause an array of different problems with your transmission.

The solenoid controls how fluid travels through your transmission so if you are having any fluid problems this device might be to blame.

Because the fluid causes the parts to move smoothly alongside one another, having low fluid will cause the accessory parts to decay and even cause a burning smell. This problems is relatively easy to fix but when you ignore this problem it can lead to much more severe transmission trouble.
Worn down parts
If you are noticing different noises that are uncommon, even if they do not occur often you should get your transmission checked because this can be a sign that your transmissions accessory parts are worn down.

Any grinding, whining, or screeching noises should warrant a trip to your transmission specialist in order for you to avoid your transmission experiencing much bigger problems.
Torque Converter problems
The torque converter is the part of your car that allows an automatic transmission to switch gears effortlessly. If there is a problem with the torque converter this will usually lead to transmission troubles. The most common problem with the torque converter is that the needle bearings are worn.

Repairing this torque converter issue is relatively low cost and easy but if you leave it unattended for too long you could be asking for more expensive trouble.

Keeping your transmission in working order should be very important to anyone who owns a vehicle. These problems are the most common that may affect your transmissions so any signs of trouble and you should bring your car to a specialist immediately. Catching these problems early can save you time and money from more serious damage and repairs.

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