Is It Better to See a General Mechanic or Transmission Specialist?

When facing a transmission problem or failure the options for repair might seem overwhelming depending on your area. You can go to a local mom and pop shop, or a more known chain/franchise option. Then there is the choice of going to see a general mechanic or a transmission specialist.

These decisions might have someone asking, is it better to see a general mechanic or a transmission specialist? The short answer is, it depends on what you’re looking for, and how severe the transmission problem is.

Pros of seeing a general mechanic:
Could be less expensive
Depending on what kind of shop you lean towards, whether it be that mom-and-pop shop or a chain/franchise option will determine the costs that might come out of it. If you are more trusting in your local general mechanic and their experience and expertise than you might be able to get an honest diagnosis along with a decent repair for a lower cost.
Could offer similar work
Depending on what kind of transmission problem you’re experiencing a general mechanic can often repair the problem for slightly less. It’s probably a good idea most times to seek an opinion from a general mechanic simply to know what the problem is.

Cons of seeing a general mechanic:
Could potentially take longer and cost more in the long run
Franchise options will generally no matter what charge you more and then end up referring you to a transmission specialist in the end anyway. Depending on what general mechanic you see could make a huge difference in the repairs made to the vehicle as well as the cost in those repairs, whether they’re correct or not.

Pros of seeing a transmission specialist:
They can rebuild if necessary
If the transmission to a vehicle is problematic beyond repair than the option can be there directly from the beginning when going to see a transmission specialist. The reason they are specialists is because they are normally experienced in this one area and if you are certain the transmission is the problem than it might just be easier to go straight to a specialist.
They are experienced in solely transmission work
When going straight to a transmission specialist car owners can often expect quality work by experienced professionals instead of being run in circles by a general mechanic. If the transmission problem is causing distress than getting it swiftly dealt with by a trained professional who specializes in them can help get your car on the road again faster.

Cons of seeing a transmission specialist:
It can be costly
Paying for the intensive labor of these trained professionals can become costly especially if transmission rebuilding is involved.

When deciding between a general mechanic and a transmission specialist it is important to take into account the severity of your transmission problem. Transmission specialists if chosen from the beginning promise quality work and years of expertise and experience. Twin Transmission is the largest volume transmission builder the Carolinas servicing the Charlotte and surrounding areas. They have over 30 years of experience and can take on any make or model.

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