How to Know if That Strange Sound is Coming from Your Transmission

More often than not, a noise that comes from the front of the car will either come from one of three sources: the belt or belts, the engine, or the transmission. Usually the belts are not only the most common noise, but it is the loudest since it has more exposure than the interior of an engine or transmission.

But then how do you tell if the noise is coming from the engine or the transmission? The only catch 22 in this situation is that the engine sits right on top of the transmission, so it is almost at an identical spot. A transmission pump, a torque converter, and the bearings all play the major roles within a transmission. Without one of these, the transmission can’t do its job.

However, due to the separate nature of their functions, you can be able to determine where the noise is coming from when you move. So exactly how would you know if that strange noise is coming from your transmission? Let’s take a gander. But when do you hear this noise the most?

Is it when you are moving? The sole purpose of the transmission is to allow your car to move in either a forward or backward direction. If you are driving and the noise gets worse as you accelerate, there is a high chance it is from your transmission. If you come a stop, and the noise follows suit, then it definitely is the transmission. In this case, the torque converter is the problem. But don’t let this fool you, there can be times that the transmission will also make a noise while your car is stopped.

Is it when you are still? The transmission pump will make noise more so when the pressure changes in the transmission. When you put the transmission into gear and the noise stops, then the pump is where you to look for this noise.

Another place, as mentioned above, is the bearings in the transmission casing. This one is a bit harder to determine since it is inside the casing. The bearings make different noises as the gears shift into place. Since these specific bearings are not running together, they change away from each other as the gears shift higher. The highest of the noise is the first gear. Every noise thereafter is softer, but it is still there.

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