How to Drive a Stick Shift

When you are learning to drive a stick shift or a vehicle with a manual transmission there is a lot more to what you have to do than what just meets the eye. In the following you will find all the steps included that you need to do and think about when learning to drive a stick shift vehicle. The steps included will be from starting the vehicle to driving, stopping and going and even parking when you are done driving.

Step One

When first learning to drive a stick shift is to know how touchy the clutch is. A sensitive clutch can cause the car to jump and die. So the first thing to do is get in, push in the clutch, and start the vehicle.

Step Two

After you have the vehicle started pushing in the clutch and put the car into gear. Reverse to back out or first to go forward. When you put the vehicle in gear to go, you need to find a good balance for pushing the gas at the same time as letting out on the clutch. To fast and it will die too slow and it with rev up.

Step Three

After you get the car moving then it is as simple as watching your rpms and shifting to the other gears to keep the motion going. When shifting into the other gears you have to compress the clutch petal every time you shift. When compressing the clutch to shift it is the same as taking off, it is all based on a timing when letting off the clutch and pressing the gas at the same time, but be careful when doing this if the clutch is still enabled, it can cause the cars rpms raise and the car not move.

Step Four

Now that you have the hang of the clutch and gas when to press one and let off of the other. Now comes the time when you have to come to a stop, there are a couple of ways that you can do this step. The first way is to kick the transmission into the neutral position and just use the brake to come to a stop. The second way is to down shift as you are stopping. This is for the more experienced drivers. It involves when coming to a stop you shift to lower gears as well as your brakes when coming to a complete stop.

Step Five

To take off from your stop it is as simple as following the steps you did when you first got in the car to drive. Remember when taking off to always start in the lowest gear. If starting in to high of a gear can cause the car to die and have to restart it.

So when learning to drive a stick shift or driving a stick shift these are the steps to take to insure a successful drive. With practice it will become second nature to you and you will find it easier each time.

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