How Much Will a Transmission Rebuild Set Me Back?

Rebuilding a transmission is a much lengthier and labor-intensive process that requires disassembling the transmission to look for the problems and issues, and then replacing the parts that are the root cause of the transmission’s unfortunate dysfunction. Now, rebuilds can cost just as much as a basic transmission repair can cost you, just a little more, give or take. The cost may range from $1500 to $2500, but the cost also has a number of factors that will affect what the total will amount to.

For example, rebuilding your transmission requires plenty of specific, skilled labor, sure, but the cost will not depend on this alone. The auto repair shop will look at the vehicle model, the extent of the damage, and how old the car is. The age of the car is especially important, because if you have an older or much more rare car or vehicle, finding new parts to replace the old dysfunctional ones in your transmission could prove to be a grueling task. Consider how complicated or complex the issues for your transmission is before you think you need to rebuild your transmission, instead of getting a new one or just repairing the problem.
So there are probably some important aspects you should look into and check before you even send your vehicle in and start on rebuilding the transmission. First of all, look at the transmission fluid and consider if changing it will fix the problem, as that is the easiest and most affordable solution to the problem. Sometimes, dirty or old transmission fluid and slow down your engine and stop it from working altogether. The fix would cost you less than a hundred dollars, as opposed to the thousands you would be spending in rebuilding the transmission.

Next, do check the vehicles computer system, as that controls the automatic shifting of the gears. The sensors, believe it or not, can actually be replaced quite easily without having to entirely disassemble the transmission. This can be seen as the second easiest and second most affordable option than rebuilding the transmission. If these aren’t the problems, the mechanic will run various diagnostic tests to figure out where the problem lays and to inspect each part to see if a replacement is ultimately necessary, such as, if a certain part or component is outdated and needs to be updated.

In terms of finance, the rebuild may set you back quite a lot, but finding the right repair shop can work wonders for you and your car. In addition, considering the amount of time it would take to rebuild a transmission, only consider it if you have other methods of transportation, and if you have time to wait for your transmission to be rebuilt and completed. Otherwise, you might want to consider fixing it or maybe even buying an entirely new transmission. Be sure to get the mechanic to explain exactly what is wrong with your vehicle so you know what’s going on and you know what you’re going to be charged with.

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