Defining a Transmission Rebuild in Layman’s Terms

At times your transmission may be so damaged that a normal transmission repair will no longer suffice, and the only way to restore the vehicle is to get a complete transmission rebuild. A transmission rebuild is necessary not only with severe damage, but also when parts of a transmission have worn out from extended use or with the passage of time. Rebuilding a transmission would fix such an issue as faulty parts are completely replaced without replacing the entire transmission. Below we will go into further detail over what exactly a transmission rebuild entails.

A transmission rebuild is a viable option for anyone who wishes to avoid the cost associated with replacing an entire transmission versus just the faulty parts. Buying a brand new transmission, or one that is remanufactured, can be as expensive as purchasing a new engine. This is a very difficult cost to try and cover, so many people will opt for a rebuild in the end if a repair is not a possible choice.

When you take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop for a rebuild, your vehicle will first go through an inspection of all the main parts of the transmission. A carefully inspection is necessary to identify what parts need to be replaced. The worn or damaged parts will be replaced with parts that are either brand new or refurbished parts. A transmission rebuild will ensure that all the damaged parts are replaced and that your transmission is once again in peak condition.

When car owners opt for a transmission rebuild they will experience several benefits that they would not get with a repair or a replacement. Foremost, a transmission rebuild is a cost-effective alternative to a complete transmission replacement. Very few car owner have the funds to cover a complete replacement and will usually go for the appeal of a rebuild, which can even be half the cost of a replacement. Also, a transmission rebuild will take a shorter amount of time to complete. This will allow you to have an operable car as soon as possible. Depending on how thorough a transmission inspection and rebuild was, you can be left with a transmission that has a longer longevity. Having a transmission operating in peak condition may even extend the lifetime of your vehicle.

A transmission rebuild can be an exhaustive process, however, as the transmission of a vehicle is normally completely removed. This is to assist the mechanics will being able to identify and replace all damaged parts. Since your transmission is being removed and reinstalled be sure to employ a repair shop you trust.

Though there are several options to choose among when it comes to transmission repair, a transmission rebuild may be our best option depending on how severe the damage to your transmission is. Your choice, however, will ultimately depend on factors such as cost, quality, and how long you can be without a functioning vehicle. For more information on transmission rebuilds, visit the website for Transmission Repair Ballantyne today!

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