Common Vehicle Problems that are Often Mistaken as Transmission Issues

When some people have problems with their car, they may immediately begin to panic, assuming that the problem is related to the transmission. While concern may be good to have, that does not mean you have to immediately assume that every little thing is in some way related to a transmission problem. In fact, many things that people assume are transmission problems, are actually something else entirely. Really, here are a few of those problems. It is important to keep in mind however, that while not directly related to the transmission, if ignored, the problem can begin to affect the transmission.

  1. A Computer or Sensor Malfunction

This one relates fairly directly to your transmission, as computers control transmissions. However, that does not automatically make a malfunction a transmission problem. The car’s computer may be having problems, which causes it to incorrectly interpret signals and issue the wrong command. A malfunctioning computer can even send incorrect signals without any help. This is an easy to fix the problem, but if ignored, can cause serious damage to your car’s transmission.

  1. Catalytic Converter Getting Clogged or Broken

Sometimes the catalytic converter in your car gets clogged with debris that has collected over time. This can lead to your engine working harder, which leads to having to use more gas. It can also lead to things such as noises that signal a broken converter and, of course, the transmission not working properly. This is another fairly easy problem to fix, and will ensure the problem does not progress or worsen.

  1. Some Electrical Problems

Another car problem that is commonly mistaken as coming from the transmission is electrical problems. Two of the most common electrical problems include brake and trailer light wiring. Break lights are wired to the torque converter, which is connected to the transmission, in automatic cars, so when the wiring is incorrect, and can seem as if the problem is actually related to the transmission itself. These are important to have checked out, as it can pose a serious danger to your safety, and can eventually cause the transmission to fail.

  1. Oxygen Sensors That Are Defective

When oxygen sensors are not working properly, it can stop the engine from properly working. This can in turn affect how smoothly your transmission handles different shifts. Some signs to look for in defective oxygen sensors are bad gas mileage, engine pinging, the vehicle is running roughly, and an engine miss. Be sure to talk to your mechanic about replacing them, to get your car back to running smoothly once more.

These are only four car problems that you may mistake for transmission problems. Of course, it is still very important to have your car looked at by a professional to not only confirm the problem but to also be able to fix it. No matter what the problem, you should get it fixed as soon as possible, otherwise you are risking the problem growing and becoming much more serious.

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