5 Common Misconceptions About Transmission Problems

Would you knowingly disregard knowledge that could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars? If you are not knowledgeable about the transmission of your car, then this is exactly the situation you could find yourself in. Transmission related issues can be at the cause of a very broad range of issues, and it is usually hard to diagnose what the specific issue is unless you take it to a mechanic. To ensure that a mechanic is not trying to scam you by creating fake transmission malfunctions, below are 5 common misconceptions about transmission problems that you should be aware of before getting your car serviced.

Myth #1: Any type of transmission repair shop will service your vehicle to an equal standard of their competitors.

This is a myth as one transmission repair shop will not only have different areas of expertise, but also different experience levels from their competitors. If you have an easier repair, you should be able to find a shop capable of the task fairly easily. For more complicated malfunctions, however, you may need to find a repair shop that specializes in transmission rebuild or replacements.

Myth #2: Transmission fluids are all the same.

Different transmission designs will yield for different transmission fluids. Manufactures know of this demand and will blend specific cocktails of fluid to meet the demands of certain designs. There are a variety of fluids on the market and different transmission repair shops may use different fluids as their standard.

Myth #3: Material in transmission pan indicates transmission failure.

It is common to find a small amount of material in the transmission pan. This does not indicate a major transmission problem as it is just indication of normal wear and tear. On the other hand, you should be on the lookout for signs of water or larger piece of material.

Myth #4: You can clean a filter by flushing a transmission.

Flushing a transmission will not clean a transmission as debris entering a filter cannot come out and will just lead to the filter becoming clogged. When this occurs, the transmission will no longer be lubricated. When you get your transmission regularly serviced the filter should be replaced.

Myth #5: You do not need to get the transmission of your car regularly serviced.

Getting your transmission serviced on a regular basis will be a benefit to your transmission and can improve its longevity. If you notice a problem you should get it serviced as soon as possible. Prompt action will always save a transmission from further breakdown.

Transmissions can be a very tricky part of your vehicle to gain knowledge of. It is beneficial, however, to invest your time into such knowledge so that you are aware of potential scams and common misconceptions that concern transmissions. The more aware you are of potential scams the more you will be able to identify when someone is trying to deceive you. For more information about transmission related issue, visit the website for Transmission Repair Ballantyne today!

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