3 Things that Your Transmission Fluid Might be Telling You

Out of the many things that you should listen to with your car, one of the things that can tell you the most is the fluid that allows the engine to run and not rub the hard way. There are many types of fluid in your car that have many purposes.

There is windshield wiper fluid to lubricate your windshield. There is radiator fluid to keep your car from over-heating. Then there is your engine oil to make sure that there is proper lubrication throughout the engine. And one more to add to the bunch, is the very often ignored transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is one of the most vital fluids that allows your car to run smoothly. Think of this as the muscle fluid that allows your joints to move smooth and painless. Now, if you have one thing to make sure you keep an eye on, it is that. Here are 3 things that your transmission fluid might be telling you something is wrong.

Disappearing fluids. There’s a small reservoir that holds the fluid that circulates in your transmission and it shows you the current level. That level, while not completely full to the top, is something needs to be maintained. If the fluid is out of level, it can cause your gears to rub into each other and eventually ware them down. The only way that level doesn’t stay accurate is if you have a leak. There is a measuring stick for your transmission fluid. Ironically, it is marked with a “T” at the handle. Pull that out and find out where your fluid level inside the transmission stands.

That lack of fluid can also lock your transmission in one gear. When you think about playing on a slip and slide, and you don’t put water on it, what comes to mind? A sore, red chest. A loud noise that can be very embarrassing, depending on who you are doing this in front of. And finally, a ruined good time. Those are things similar to having low fluid in your transmission. Not so much a sore red chest, but a sore wallet from all of the money that you now have to spend.

What the sludge?! Just like your engine oil, transmission fluid needs to be serviced. When a that fluid is serviced, it is replaced with newer fluid and a newer filter. The sludge that builds up on the transmission can cause the transmission fluid to clog lines and even make the gears stick. When your gears stick, your car will not change gear like it should. It causes a strain in between gear shifts and then there goes your transmission.

So if you are not sure what to do or where to look, and are in the Charlotte, N.C. area, come ask our professional transmission experts at Transmission Repair Ballantyne. We will assist you in finding out what you need to know with your transmission. Come check out our website at transmissionrepairballantyne.com for more information.

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