3 Signs that Your Car is Having Transmission Trouble

Having a smooth ride is what we all hope for when we travel to our next destination. Whether it is from home to work, to school, to the mall, or even back home, the last thing we want to happen is car troubles. While flat tires, squeaky breaks, and dead batteries can be a pain, engine troubles and transmission malfunctions can be the worst of the worst.

Engine lights are a fail-safe warning sign that something is wrong with your car, but it is way too vague to define EXACTLY what is wrong. When you see that little light come one, lower the music to hear anything different, feel the steering wheel to see if anything beyond asphalt is making your car vibrate, and look to the pavement to see if your car has left any evidence that you were there. These are the 3 major signs that your vehicle is having transmission trouble.

Turn the music down

Because most of us enjoy the company of some good tunes to get us going, we tend to raise the music to our comfort level. In a sense, it blocks out the rest of the noise of the world while in the middle of our commute. However, this also blocks out any noise that our vehicle makes when it has a problem. Like a child that hasn’t had its bottle, any part of your vehicle that is not operating properly will make a noise. Your transmission is no exception. While your transmission will mainly make noise once the car is moving, there’s a good chance the noise will continue once it is parked. Lift the hood up and find out for sure before you do anything else.

Feel the vibrations

Yes, that was an awesome song from the 90’s. But in this case, Marky Mark wouldn’t be able to do anything for your vehicle. If you are like the general public while commuting, you will have a constant path you take going to and from work. And if there is not road work being done, the streets should feel the same to you all the time. You should be able to memorize any bump or uneven piece of tar that is ahead of you, allowing you to dodge or drive through it without diverting your attention. This being said, when your transmission begins to give you problems, it will give a different feel to your steering wheel. Certain sections of your car will begin to sputter and it will definitely catch your attention.

Spot Check

When you leave a parking spot, whether it be at home or at work, the last thing you do is look at the floor where you just stationed. I mean, what for, right? FOR SPOTS! That’s what for! When you begin to see that you are leaving spots on the ground, you should curiously take a few seconds to see what it might be. Sure, the AC releases fluids when it is on for a trip, but that is clear liquid. Dark puddles are the result of something that is about to go terribly wrong.

At this point you should really bring your car into a shop. And if you’re in the Charlotte area, bring the car to us at Transmission Repair Ballantyne. We can not only check out what could be wrong with the car, but give you peace of mind as to what can be done with it. Check us out on the web at transmissionrepairballantyne.com.

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